Wk 2 – Art Experience – Abstraction is Freedom

Before I started finger painting
The finished product, Ocean
  1. Surprisingly, the experience was very relaxing. I started off not really expecting much except maybe getting the work done. I was expecting like just hand prints everywhere, but I started to do various other strokes and such. I got really into it. I did not expect finger painting to be that relaxing. It helped me get my mind off of a lot of stress that has to deal with my school life and personal problems. At first, I thought my canvas was going to turn out kind of bad, but the longer I went on, the better it started looking. I’m calling it Ocean because it reminds me of an ocean. I’m actually really proud of my painting.
  2. I think finger painting was different than what I expected. I thought it was going to be difficult to paint something that I have no idea of, but it was the complete opposite. Without something to paint in mind, I just slapped my hands on the paper and just repeated that process while sometimes dragging my finger across the paper with splotches of paint. That was very relaxing to me because I didn’t have to think. I felt like I was “being” with the painting. I just let my hands run through the paper.
  3. Making a painting with no subject was kind of inspiring because you don’t have to think about making something or copying something. You just finger paint and feel yourself resonate with the painting. The whole time I was thinking “Be one with the painting.” Haha, you never know what can come up!
  4. I get why people do abstract art now. They don’t have to think about a subject or anything. They just go with the flow. I think abstract paintings are more inspiring than other paintings I have seen because there’s not really a direction to go in, so it’s more room to work with. With abstraction, the paintings can be interpreted in different ways while other paintings already have a subject in them, so people already know what they are seeing. In my opinion, abstract paintings are the way to go.

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