Wk 4 – Art Experience – Drawing is Language

Drink #1
Drink #2
Tree #1
Tree #2
Blind Contour Person #1
Person #2 (Tina Vu)
  1. I think sketching drinks, trees, and real people wasn’t as fun as I thought. It was a lot more frustrating. If I were to draw something I wanted though, then it would be fun. I like doodling animals and my original characters. I also like drawing fictional characters. I do like drawing, but only drawing what I want to. I’ll try drawing again, but I don’t do it too often anymore. Life gets really busy since I’m in college now. The blind contour drawing with holding the water bottle was really frustrating because I really wanted to look, but I couldn’t. Getting the details in with the trees was too time consuming, so I just did a quick sketch of the trees. There were some stickers on the hydroflask I wanted to draw, but they were on the other side of it. Drawing people realistic kind of scares me because my art skills aren’t advanced enough for that. If I improved on my drawing skills, then I would attempt to draw those things again.
  2. Drawing is all about practice. I think if I practiced for 1,000 hours or maybe even more, I could get a lot better. It’s hard to find the time to practice drawing, though. It’s also a lot of effort. I don’t really have the motivation to improve on my drawing skills. I respect all artists because they actually took the time to practice and practice to get better. Their hard work can be seen through their art. When I see artist’s past art and their present art, I can see their progression. It’s really cool how they can improve over time.
  3. My major is Criminal Justice. Simple sketches can be useful for mapping out a crime scene. It would be very useful to keep track where everything is at a crime scene. The placement of where the murder weapon can tell how and where the victim was killed. Blood spatters locations aid in that knowledge as well. We want to be able to figure out the events in which the murder happened. That could help with determining the motive of the murderer. Sketches are very useful in my major for that reason.
  4. Drawing is a language. I think drawings can say things that are hard to say with words. For example, it’s hard to describe what anxiety is, but if I draw it well, people can see and get a feel of how it feels to have. For my artist conversation with Jean Iwohara, I felt like she did a great job in depicting anxiety in her themed work. You can really feel anxiety when you view her art. Sometimes, people aren’t good with words too, so they can’t get their feelings across. I’m not good with words, so drawings might be better for me to express my thoughts. Drawings feel so freeing while words feel kind of restricting cause there are only so many words you can use.

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