Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cameras Tell Stories

My boyfriend, Steven, woke up and started getting ready for school. I also woke up along with him. Sleeping over at his place has become a common occurrence for me now.

He took a selfie while I was driving him to school. I have a good amount of pictures of his selfies on my phone. I’m not complaining, though! I take him to school very often now since I stay over. I’m sure he’s glad since he doesn’t have to take the bus which is unreliable.

I came home to greet a dog I live with. His name is Kuna. I’m pretty sure he likes me because whenever I come home, he’s always whimpering and pawing at the gate that separates the kitchen from the living room. I think he wants to go to me to greet me. He looks like he’s winking, doesn’t he? I was glad to get this photo of him before he turned away from me. He always turns away from me when I point my phone’s camera at him. It’s like he’s actually camera-shy or something.

I decided to continue sleeping because I’m not a morning person. A Rilakkuma plushie that Steven won for me at Round 1. I cuddle with it because it reminds me of him.

I was hungry for some food, so I wanted to get some. I invited Steven and a friend. Steven and I were waiting for my friend to come out from her dorm at Hillside. She always takes a long time to get ready and go outside. I don’t blame her because it takes a while for me to get ready too.

We went to eat ramen at Umaya Ramen. I usually go here with Steven for a date. That was the first time we brought someone else with us. I ordered Tonkotsu Ramen with a seasoned egg as a topping. I had a free topping coupon since I checked in on the Yelp app. The food was fantastic as always!

My friend, Stephanie, was scrolling through her Instagram feed. She was also posting on her story that we were eating good that day. I agree, ramen is bomb.

Steven and I went back to his place after I dropped off Stephanie. He was scrolling through Instagram while we were cuddling. We slept after he played some League of Legends with his friend. I steal his heat because he’s always warm, and I’m always cold.

I came home from Steven’s place and decided to sleep again. I’m a growing woman who needs my shut-eye.

I showered after I woke up and ate some food my roommate, Beatriz, cooked for me. She made me some cooked beef and potatoes. She’s an excellent cook! I played some League of Legends after I ate. I won some games, but I lost a few. It’s never a good feeling to lose, but sometimes it be like that.

I went with Steven and his cousins and a friend to eat some K-BBQ at Gangnam Korean BBQ for a celebration. From left to right is Davis, Christopher, Anthony, and of course, Steven! Back in North California, I didn’t eat K-BBQ often because we barely have any places for it. We only have Gen, and it’s super expensive. Now that I’m in South California, I eat K-BBQ basically every week.

I ended my day by petting Davis’s cat. His name is Geo, and he’s a cutie. I wasn’t planning on going into Davis’s house, but I really needed to go to the bathroom. We got some milk tea at Sharetea, and I also drank a lot of water while we were at Gangnam. I forgot Davis had a cat, so when I saw Steven playing with him, I had to pet it too. Geo is so soft and big! I wish I had my own cat.

  1. The story I chose is called “My Weekend.” I chose this story because the people I surround myself with are very important to me. I wanted to show how they are in my life. Weekends are when I can chill with them without any responsibilities looming over my head. I love Steven with all my heart, so spending time with him is one of my favourite things to do. I also like hanging out with my friends because they are fun to talk to, and we have similar interests. Stephanie, Davis, Christopher, and Anthony are all very laid-back, and I have no problem or any awkward moments during conversations with them. Animals are one of my weaknesses. I like cats and dogs. When I see Kuna and Geo, it makes me happy. If you couldn’t tell, I also like sleeping very much on the weekend mornings.
  2. I think I did pretty well. My story is in chronological order, so I think viewers can understand the progress and timeline for it. The captions also aid in explaining with what’s going on in the photos.
  3. I think the image that is the individually “best” image in my story is the K-BBQ picture. It really captures the happy moment of celebration. We were celebrating Steven’s win in his Clash tournament of League of Legends. Everyone looks like they’re having a great time, and they look like they’re happy to be there. I also looked the same way, but I took the photo, so you can’t see me. Conversations were flowing, and there were no pauses. Everyone was always talking with each other. It was a great bonding experience for sure!
  4. I think the photo of me coming home from Steven’s place is not, by itself, a “great” image, but it is important. It helps to tell my story because it’s like a transition to the next day. I think with that photo, viewers have an easier time to tell that there is a time skip between the photos for the story.
  5. Next time, I would try to get better angles for photos. The pictures aren’t bad, but they could be better. I think some of the angles look kind of awkward. I wish I was in more photos, but I didn’t want to bother strangers to try take a picture for me in a group setting. It’s also kind of hard to take at a selfie angle. I don’t always look good, so I don’t want to be in the picture. I would also try to look my absolute best next time.
  6. I might like to tell a photo story of a cat or a dog. Maybe animals in general. I could probably just follow a cat around as they go around the house or the neighbourhood. For a dog, I would trail Kuna around as he goes about his business at my place. Animals can do the silliest things, but it’s cute and kind of endearing in my opinion. That’s just what defines them and makes their personality unique. I love animals, so a photo story of them would be a great thing to do in the future.

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