Wk 6 – Art Experience – Art Can Be Shocking!

Me eating alone at Raising Cane’s
  1. I chose this idea of eating alone at a dining place because I eat out alone a lot. I usually try to hit up someone to see if they want to eat with me, but if I think I’m going to bother them or they are busy, then I just eat by myself.
  2. With this specific photo, I hoped to communicate that it’s okay to eat by yourself sometimes. I know my friends think it’s weird to eat by yourself when dining in at restaurants. I can only imagine that other people think the same way. Usually, when you go out to restaurants or fast food places, people eat in groups. You never really see a person by themselves with food. I get stares from other people for a short minute before they go about their own business when I eat alone. I hope people can get my message in that it’s okay to eat alone when your friends are too busy or don’t want to come. It’s not weird to eat by yourself. You don’t need a group, so you don’t feel out of place. To all the people who eat alone and think it’s weird or lonely, don’t worry. You’re not the only one who does that. I do it too. Just enjoy your food and enjoy the alone time!
  3. I think I’m somewhat successful. There will be some people who will throw the “eating alone is weird and lonely” mindset away and be happy with what they do in a restaurant, but there will always be others who can’t. That’s fine! I’m not trying to change everybody’s mindset. I think it’s better to change some minds than none.
  4. If I were to something different if I did it again, then I would try to include more of the other side across from me in the picture. It was a bit difficult to get the shot that I wanted, but it didn’t turn out bad at all.
  5. Another idea that I might explore through “shocking art” is death. I want to show death in a beautiful way. I was thinking I could have a model lay down in a field or bed of flowers with their eyes closed and take a picture from a bird’s eye view. I think it would turn out great. Maybe I’ll try to do this in the future.

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