Wk 7 – Art Experience – We Need to Talk About Beauty

  1. I rarely ever wear make up, so for this activity, I decided to change it up and wear some. I don’t know how to do make up, so I asked my friend, Stephanie, to help me out. I arrived at her place early before we went to eat lunch. She quickly did a simple look for me, and we were on our way to eat some Japanese curry at Curry House Coco Ichibanya. After that, we went to a BTS cupsleeve event at Twinkle Brown Sugar in Huntington Park where I talked to a couple people.
  2. In the curry place, there wasn’t any reactions. People were just minding their own business by eating or just talking with the people they came with. The waiters and waitresses were also just doing their job. At Twinkle Brown Sugar, there wasn’t any reactions either. We just had a nice conversation about BTS after I asked some questions. A girl thought my name was Caroline, and that my major was Biology. Another girl thought my name was Tiffany, and that my major was Business. I didn’t find them responding to me differently than people ordinarily do.
  3. The people I talked to were strangers, so they don’t know if I usually wear make up or not. They could just think that it’s a daily occurrence. They just talked to me normally, since they don’t really know me. From this experience, I don’t think beauty really matters in the greater schemes of things. People talk to people because they want to have a good conversation or just want to interact with others, and people stick to people who have a good personality. I know tons of people who are pretty, but their personalities are wack. The most important aspect of a person is personality in my opinion, but the people I surround myself with are beautiful and have a good personality anyways.

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