Wk 10 – Art Experience – Art is a good way to Talk to Your Brain!

Photo of my CSULB campus map
My first drawing
My second drawing
I don’t have anyone to do this activity with because of quarantine
Second drawing
  1. I didn’t have anyone to do this art activity with because of the coronavirus quarantine, so it was hard to take a picture of me doing the project, but I did do it with two hands on the highlighters. I used a pink and purple highlighter to this activity because those were the only colourful writing tools I had. The experience was actually kind of relaxing. I did not think that drawing random spirals would be relaxing, but it was. I would probably do this when I’m stressed out. It would help me calm down and relax.
  2. I think the results were pretty good. My drawings looked fairly pretty if I do say myself. I was expecting some intricate spirals, but mine were simple. They’re simple, but they look good. I think maybe it’s because of the colours I used. I think that may be why it’s pretty, but simple.

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