Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Mahsa Soroudi

Nature’s Cadence by Mahsa Soroudi

Artist: Mahsa Soroudi
Exhibition: Nature’s Cadence
Media: Plants
Gallery: N/A
Website: mahsasoroudi.com/plant-show
Instagram: N/A

Mahsa Soroudi was born in the huge metropolitan city of Tehran, Iran in 1981 to her parents who were interested in different forms of art. Her dad was a painter with his very own painting academy. Soroudi always had a connection with art because of her parents. Her childhood was filled with Hollywood movies and traveling to different places such as different Asian countries. She always wants to learn more and understand different kinds of cultures. Soroudi and her husband shared an interest to move out of Iran to get more opportunities like obtaining better education. They moved to Malaysia and learned English there. Soroudi is neutral towards her Iranian upbringing in Iran because even though the Islamic Revolution brought negative effects, it also brought positive effects with it. Soroudi loves to explore, and she was exploring the idea of succulents.

The formal qualities on Nature’s Cadence are abundant through the succulent plants. The lines are not as defined because it’s three-dimensional. The shape is inviting because succulents are generally small. The colour of some of the plants gives off a feeling of happiness because green on a plant usually represents that it’s flourishing and healthy. Some of the other plants’ colours gives the vibe of sadness because that means that a plant is dying. The colours were muted greens and brown. In terms of scaling, some succulents were bigger than others. The texture of succulents are usually smooth like sandstone. For some of the plants, you needed to get up close to see, and for the others, getting up close is not necessary to able to view it.

Soroudi’s Nature’s Cadence is very beautiful. The idea behind it is elegant and respectful. Soroudi left her home country and settled somewhere new. She had a hard time adapting, but her plants were there for her. Plants taught her how to remain beautiful and strong while struggling grow roots and adapt to a new home. She wanted to demonstrate that there’s a good amount of effort that plants go through to adapt and grow in their new environment in the same ways that she felt with feelings of homesickness while adapting to her own new environment.

I think the whole exhibition is very thoughtful and beautiful. I wish I was there to experience the beauty of it all, but maybe I will get a chance in the future. Watching the interview made me respect plants a lot more because it’s true. I don’t usually think about what’s underground. I don’t usually think about the effort that plants have to go through to adapt to their environments or anything. When I see a plant, I don’t think too much about it. I feel like I’m going to start seeing them in a whole new light because plants have the ability to teach us what it’s like to adapt to a new home. When I get homesickness, my mind will remember Nature’s Cadence.

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