Wk 11 – Art Experience – Being Yourself can be Art

  1. My goal with my video was to just tell people about what I usually do on my days during the shelter in place.
  2. I think I accomplished my goal because I had multiple clips of me doing the activities I do on a daily basis now.
  3. Next time, I would remember to film in landscape mode in every clip. I totally forgot to film one of the clips in landscape mode, so it looked very awkward. I would also try to get better quality clips by maybe using an actual camera, instead of my iPhone.
  4. I don’t think I would ever vlog again because I don’t really want to be a public person. I would rather just keep to myself and tell people close to me about what goes in my life. I also don’t have an actual camera. Vlogging would be a lot better with an actual camera because the video quality will be 100x better.
  5. My favourite YouTuber is Imaqtpie. He’s also a Twitch streamer. His editor uploads his content from his streams to Youtube. I also enjoy CoryxKenshin. He’s my go-to for horror games let’s plays.
  6. Imaqtpie’s work appeals to me because I like his humour. He doesn’t try too hard to be funny or be something that he’s not. I don’t get any fake vibes from him unlike other Youtubers. Imaqtpie’s editor does a good job in bringing out Imaqtpie’s personality through the videos. The editing in CoryxKenshin’s videos is also top-notch. He does it all himself, so he’s his own editor. I have nothing but respect for that man. Like Imaqtpie, I don’t get fake vibes from CoryxKenshin, too.
  7. I think a lesson that I can take from their work is to just be myself, and ignore all the haters. Another lesson is that investing in an actual webcam/camera would be ideal for vlogging.
  8. Authenticity is the quality of being “real.” By real, I mean that there’s no acting or being something/someone else. There’s no script to follow.
  9. Performance is an act. In general, someone would be putting on a performance if they are acting. They are pretending to be someone they are not. I would also say it’s putting on a show.
  10. Authenticity and Performance are not similar, but they are also not opposites. I think they can exist together. For example, comedians are usually funny when putting on a performance. I think when comedians aren’t on the stage performing, they are also funny in person, which has authenticity.
  11. I think when Jennifer Aniston is on the Jimmy Kimmel show studio, she is more performative because she has an audience watching her. It feels like she’s picking her words carefully. If she says the wrong thing or act “wrongly,” she will probably get backlash from social media and the public. The lighting and stage also makes it more professional. I think when she is talking from home during the coronavirus pandemic, she is more authentic because of the low quality microphone from her end and the way she talks. It feels like she’s talking more casually during the video. Her background also makes it seem like home, too. It doesn’t feel like she’s putting on an act.

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