Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art can be Sustainable?

  1. My idea was to make a cute little person.
  2. The materials I chose were various cardboard packaging. I just used the food packaging that I had since I usually eat from these brands.
  3. I think I was able to express my idea from my piece. There are key facial features such as eyes, nose, and mouth to identify the face. I put some ears for the little guy too. I decided not to give him limbs because I liked him looking like kind of like a “creeper” from Minecraft.
  4. My choice of materials influenced the experience of my artwork by being very flexible and easy to work with. I can tear pieces from the cardboard and make the items I need.
  5. A kiss can last however long the people participating in the act want. It can be 5 seconds or it can be 5 hours.
  6. A great meal should last 30 minutes since that’s how long I take to eat.
  7. A work of art should last forever because the artist worked really hard to make it.
  8. In general, a marriage should last a lifetime, but things can get complicated, so it’s alright for it to not last a lifetime.
  9. A human life should last at least 60 years old, but accidents do happen, so maybe it should last at least 5 years old.
  10. I think that some things like human lives have a finite time and then are gone make a difference int he way we experience them. Humans should try to live their life to the fullest because you only live once. They should find their passion and do things that they enjoy and love.
  11. Other things like clean water, air, and land should be sustainable and long lasting because we need those things to survive. Humans will probably live for a long time, but only if we have those things.
  12. I don’t think one person, like me, can make a difference in a global problem like Climate Chance, but I believe that if I get other people together, then we can make a difference.

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